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Fit Right Into The New Normal Of Business With A POS System

A POS system will not only help you shape your operations up to the new industry trends.
It will also be a sales booster for your retail business.

2020 has been a weird year for everybody. Things have changed drastically because of the coronavirus health crisis. There are new ways to live a safe life and do a safe business. While most people are still crying about the “new normal”, we all know that we have to adjust to these new trends sooner or later. So, why not sooner?

All you need is a point of sale system to navigate through the current situation of the business. It will give you the flexibility you need as well as the safety your customers are looking for.

Here are all the features of the Viyafaari POS that will help you manage your business effectively & become your superpowers during this health pandemic.


WooCommerce – Take Your Store Online

This year, businesses around the world have had the biggest hit in history. Why? Because customers are too freaked out of walking into stores. They do not want to risk touching your products, let alone buy them, and take them home. And that’s affecting the sales of every business that sells products at a physical store. 

But, you know what? It’s okay. Because there is always a blessing in disguise.

People are not leaving their homes to visit pharmacies, restaurants, repair shops, supermarkets, salons, etc.

So how are they getting their medicines, food, mobile, and computer repairs?
By shopping ONLINE.

You want customers to buy your products? Take your physical store online with our WooCommerce

WooCommerce is super simple to set up. One-click here, one there, and there you have your online store ready to get your customers crazy.

This module is the smartest e-commerce gateway for your business. It auto-syncs your products, stocks, and prices from your POS system to your online store. You can manage your online store inventory, sales, orders, and everything else right from your Viyafaari POS software. Check it out!


Home Delivery / Shipping – Deliver Ordered Products To Customers

What’s the next step, once you have got some orders from your online store or a telephone call? Delivering the ordered products to customers’ addresses. With the shipping module of our POS system, you can keep a record of all the orders being shipped/delivered.


Add the customer’s address, shipping charges, recipient’s name, and mark the status of the order as ordered, packed, shipped, delivered, or cancelled.

If you have checked the SMS and Email notifications settings of your store, the customer will receive an automated email or SMS each time you update the status of his order. This way, you don’t have to call each of your customers just to tell them their order is on the way.
You’re welcome! 


Bookings – Take Appointments For Your Services

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, stop expecting customers to show up at your store to enjoy your services. Because booking service appointments over the phone and then asking the service provider to come to the customer’s home is the new normal for service-based businesses.

If you have a retail business for services like cell phone and computer repair or salon & spa, we have the perfect feature for you in our point of sale system for retail. Introducing the Bookings module.


Book service appointments for your customers with an interactive screen of our Bookings feature. Enter customer’s details, add the location of service, assign the appointment to your employee, select start and end time for the appointment, etc.

Once you do book a service appointment for a customer, you can send an automated email to share all the details of their booking. It’s very convenient.

To keep a track of your daily chores, you can check out all the bookings for the day.

For a Salon & Spa business, the only way to provide booked services is onsite. It means that you have to go to your customer’s location to offer your services. But, if you have a repair business, you can offer your repair services to your customers in three different ways.

  • Carry-In (customer bring the device to shop)
  • Pick-up (taking the device in for repair from customers’ locations and then delivering it back after repair)
  • Onsite (performing repairs at the customer’s location)

You can manage all three types of repairs for cell phones, computers, electronics, and home appliances with the Repair module software.

Pro tip: Add reminders for each booking with the HRM module of our point of sale software to make sure your employees don’t miss their appointments. 


Sales Mobile App – Onsite Sales

So, you are at the customer’s location and the customer would like to buy a product or service, how would you check the inventory, enter customer information & invoice them?

One method is to take the details with you, come back to your store, and then add those to your web POS system.

The other method involves installing the Viyafaari POS mobile app on your phone, so the salesperson can invoice & accept payments from them instantly on the spot. Wouldn’t it be more professional?

Team Viyafaari POS is working on the app right now to make your onsite work easier and better. Stay tuned!


Contactless Menu & Product Catalogue 

Imagine customers walk in into your shop, and see all products available with their price, brands, discounts/offers, images, and other information on their mobile itself, wouldn’t it be amazing! No showing of menus or products or any interactions.

Customers will scan the QR code available in your shop using their mobile/tablet and it will show a menu/catalogue. All modern iOS, Android & Windows devices offer QR code scanning capabilities.

In a restaurant, customers won’t have to wait for menus & big tables they won’t have to wait for their turn to see the menu. This way the customer doesn’t need to touch the menu, and it will be safe for them

With this, all your physical products remain clean and untouched by many people & fewer interactions.


Stay Safe, Stay In Business!

We don’t know how long this coronavirus pandemic is going to be here to predict the period of this new normal of business. And the truth is nobody has the idea.

It’s better to prepare yourself for a safe business than waiting for the pandemic to end so things can go back to normal. Viyafaari The point of sale system is here to help you out in redefining your business operations as per new market trends.

Let’s beat this pandemic together and embrace the new normal of business!

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