Updates |


V 5.40 – Released on Jan 29 2024

  1. IMPROVEMENT: In Add/Edit contact contact type (Indivisual/Business) is now getting saved.
  2. IMPROVEMENT: Delivery note translation added
  3. FIX: Email sending issue when enabling
  4. FIX: Products in sell showing “out of stock” if “customer group” has Price calculation type as “selling price group”.
  5. FIX: Credit limit taking not final into consideration issue.
  6. FIX: Decimal issue in purchase requisition fixed.

V 5.31 – Released on Oct 25, 2023

  1. NEW: Added new permission to disable payment options in add/edit roles.
    • Disable Multiple Pay, Disable Draft, Disable Express Checkout, Disable Discount, Disable Suspend Sale, Disable credit sale button, Disable Quotation, Disable Card
  2. NEW: Service Staff Pin 
  3. NEW: Option to send order to kitchen or not send from POS screen 
  4. FIX: Import Product Update price minor glitch

V 5.22 – Released on Aug 28, 2023

  1. NEW: Removed Regenerate option & moved it to manage modules screen
  2. NEW: Added delivery person option in shipments
  3. NEW: Sell custom fields can be added to the invoice
  4. NEW: Product custom fields are shown in the product preview.
  5. FIX: The issue in the view product is fixed.
  6. FIX: The email field is made required in the register form.
  7. FIX: Blank message issue in the reset password is fixed.

V 5.1.1 – Released on Jun 23, 2023

  1. NEW: Added 20 custom fields for products along with type selectors like text, date picker & dropdown.
  2. NEW: Selling price group type can be either Fixed Or Percentage. 
  3. NEW: Updating product prices from Excel sheet. 
  4. FIX: Woocommerce-related issue from POS.
  5. FIX: Tables and Modifiers screen issue fixed.

V 5 – Released on Mar 2, 2023

  1. NEW: Option to choose required variation values in add/edit variable product. Refer 
  2. NEW: Letterhead image option in invoice layout. Refer 
  3. NEW: Link added to the stock report to view product stock history. Refer 
  4. NEW: ‘Is required’ option for product image. Make it required from Business Settings > Product > Make image required
  5. NEW: Copy quotation option. (Sell > List Quotation > Action > Copy Quotation). Refer 
  6. IMPROVEMENT: Autofocus select2 option added dropdown search fields.
  7. FIX: Invoice scheme and layout dropdown in pos screen autoselect issue fixed
  8. FIX: Ledger advance balance and balance due issue fixed.
  9. FIX Total due not showing correctly after adding ledger discount in Ledger format 2 issue fixed.
  10. FIX: Selling price made hidden in view/print purchase
  11. FIX: The line break CSS issue in the delivery note fixed.
  12. FIX: The home page chart legend getting overlapped with the context button issue is fixed.
  13. FIX: The currency formatting issue on the print data table in multiple reports issue is fixed.
  14. FIX: The cash register not getting updated after deleting an expense issue is fixed.

V4.8 – Released on Nov 18, 2022

  1. NEW: Ledger format 3 added with much more details
  2. NEW: Service Staff status modal added in pos screen
  3. NEW: Delivery slip print option in List sales.
  4. Improvement: Removed quantity check for Drafts & Quotations invoices
  5. Improvement:  Option to display the description in the invoice (Enable from Invoice layout -> Add/Edit -> Product description)
  6. Improvement: Displayed email in view sales
  7. Improvement: Delete font size increased
  8. Improvement: Displayed SKU in add/edit/view stock transfer
  9. Improvement: Total purchase return paid and total sell payment paid displayed on dashboard
  10. Improvement: Custom Views added to backup
  11. Fix: Subtotal issue on invoice fixed
  12. Fix: Cash denomination error on add/edit sale/purchase fixed
  13. Fix: Ledger last financial year due and current financial year opening balance mismatch issue fixed
  14. Fix: Delete category permission issue fix

V4.7.8 - Released 13 July 2022

  1. NEW: Option to add ledger discount on view the contact details page 
  2. NEW: The second unit added to add/edit product also option to add quantity in the second unit added to purchase/sell (Need to enable it from Business settings > Products) 
  3. NEW: Currency precision and quantity precision moved from config to business settings 
  4. NEW: Added option to download PDF for Purchase Order
  5. NEW: Added notification option in the purchase order
  6. NEW: Previous unit price added to the product line of sell and purchase
  7. NEW: Search option added to account book and cash flow
  8. NEW: Export all products in excel format, with complete details
  9. NEW: Product sold details table added to cash register modal
  10. NEW: Cash denomination option in add/edit sale purchase screen
  11. Improvement: Row color change for alert quantity added to stock report
  12. Improvement: Location filter added to dashboard stock alert table
  13. Improvement: Removed stock check for draft and quotation
  14. Improvement: Subcategory added to list expenses
  15. Improvement: Total items added to the invoice
  16. Improvement: Category and custom fields columns added to the stock report
  17. Improvement: Contact name and business name added to product stock history
  18. Improvement: Contact filter in the tax report
  19. FIX: Pay term with pos sale issue fixed
  20. FIX: Update variable product with too many variations issue fixed
  21. FIX: Dropzone issue on import purchase product fixed
  22. FIX: Ledger location filter issue fixed
  23. FIX: Sales order line not getting added while stock is zero issues fixed

V4.7.7 - Released 26 March 2022

  1. NEW: Simplified ledger format added (Format 2)
  2. NEW: Location filter added to the ledger
  3. Improvements: Payment method and payment details added to cashflow and account book
  1. Improvements: Child payments details and total advance amount displayed if the advance payment on cash flow and account book
  2. Improvements: Hide advance payment if advance payment remaining is zero on cashflow and account book
  3. Improvements: Lot number added to item report
  4. Improvements: Display discounted price on the invoice (need to enter Discounted unit price label: in invoice layout)
  5. Improvements: Displayed unit breakdown shown on invoices (need to check Show base unit details in invoice layout)
  6. Improvements: Line break for product description preserved in invoice print
  7. FIX: Fix for media upload(Image upload for products)
  8. FIX: Edit POS showing warranty dropdown twice issue fixed
  9. FIX: Label print issue when printed from list products fixed
  10. FIX: Quick add supplier/customer from sale and purchase screen not displaying business name issue fixed
  11. FIX: HTML link URL issue on print invoice fixed
  12. FIX: Add payment form validation issue fixed


V4.7.6 – Released 02 Feb 2022

  1. Added OpenStreetMap API for attendance location.
  2. Production cost calculation is fixed in manufacturing reports & profit-Loss reports.
  3. NEW: Price group selection option added to print label form
  4. NEW: Download image from URL implemented in import products
  5. NEW: Custom field tags added to notification templates
  6. NEW: Location permission check on product list stock added
  7. NEW: Out-of-stock check removed from sales order
  8. NEW: Subcategory option in add expense
  9. NEW: Import purchase products in xls file
  10. NEW: Added option to add date & notes when adding opening stock.
  11. NEW: filters added in List Customers & List suppliers
  12. NEW: Added units selection option in stock transfer
  13. NEW: Location dropdown filter added to dashboard data tables
  14. NEW: Commission agent required in add sales option added to settings
  15. NEW: duplicate check for the mobile number on add/edit contact form added
  16. NEW: invoice font color changed to black
  17. Improvement: Autoupdate pos header DateTime in every minute
  18. Improvement: Qr code removed from draft and quotation
  19. Improvement: SKU added to the product name on trending products
  20. FIX: QR code time issue in ZATCA (Fatoora) format
  21. FIX: Commission agent dropdown reset issue on the pos screen
  22. FIX: payment view currency format issue fixed
  23. FIX: external invoice URL issue with location print setting fixed
  24. FIX: Business address not showing issue by disabling business name and locations in some invoice layouts fixed
  25. FIX: Datatable translation issue fixed
  26. FIX: Product view stock not showing issue fixed
  27. FIX: Sales return permission
  28. FIX: Discount issue on import sale
  29. FIX: Combo product issue on cash register
  30. FIX: Combo product issue on profit loss report
  31. FIX: Combo product issue on product sell report
  32. FIX: Fixed discount issue with combo product
  33. FIX: Edit/Delete permission in recent transactions modal in the POS screen
  34. FIX Shipping charge in stock transfer.


V4.7.3 – Released 08 Dec 2021

  1. QR code fix for Saudi Arabia
  2. Quantity available shown for each item in stock transfer and stock adjustment
  3. Added invoice number in sales return
  4. Invoice heading for quotation fix
  5. Ledger improvements


V4.7.1 – Released 26 Nov 2021

  1. NEW – Displayed customer due on selecting customer in add/edit pos & sale
  2. Improved – In add/edit product purchase price auto-calculated when the selling price is entered.
  3. FIX – Export buttons in data table permission fixes.
  4. FIX – If the selected contact is enabled contact list will show only the selected contacts.
  5. FIX – Stock report print decimal issue fixed
  6. FIX – Address format in invoices improved
  7. FIX – lang invoice in invoice URL issue fixed
  8. FIX – Stock report not loading issueREPAIR MODULE
  9. Custom fields added to job sheets list
  10. Repair module add part search box input issue fixed
  11. Repair invoice print customer copy HTML code issue fixed,
  12. Delivery date issue in job sheet print fixed



NEW: Order Request

  1. Fix – Settings permission issue


V4.7 – Released 18 Nov 2021

  1. NEW – Separate permissions for add, edit and delete for sell and purchase payments
  2. NEW – Edit account opening balance, fund transfer, deposits
  3. NEW – Permissions for edit and delete account transactions
  4. NEW – Footer total added to account book, accounts list, and cashflow
  5. NEW – Sales order heading in invoice layout settings
  6. NEW – Location name added to invoice QR code
  7. NEW – Additional expenses in Sell add/edit/view and in profit loss report
  8. NEW – Permission for export button in data tables added
  9. NEW – Edit account transaction from account book form improvements added, primary account selection in deposit and transfer form
  10. NEW – Added tax summary option in invoice layout
  11. NEW – Size option in label printing.
  12. IMPROVE – Invoice label improved
  13. IMPROVE – Cashflow date order changed
  14. IMPROVE – Pos screen totals getting hidden on mobile screen fixed
  15. FIX – Edit product price and discount from sales screen permission on the sale screen
  16. FIX – Lot number not showing on view stock adjustment
  17. FIX – Product history not showing ingredients used in production
  18. FIX – Account book balance
  19. FIX – Purchase return view modal
  20. FIX – Purchase return contact name not showing
  21. FIX – Trial balance and cash flow debit credit


V4.6 – Released 07 Oct 2021

  1. Added Search by SKU in profit loss by product table
  2. Sell return issue with QRcode fixed
  3. Pending shipments added to the dashboard
  4. Add expense permission check added to pos and add permission button
  5. Submit button and scroll to top link overlap issue fixed in some forms
  6. Missing location permission checks added to multiple reports, account dropdown location check added
  7. Total expense issue on register details modal fixed
  8. Pay term type dropdown not getting selected on selecting customer issue fixed on sale form
  9. Location permission added to cash flow, balance sheet, trial balance, and view all attendance
  10. Location filter added to cash flow, trial balance, and balance sheet
  11. Shipping charge added to cash register details grand total
  12. Ledger issue with opening balance payment fixed, Payment type label issue on opening balance fixed
  13. Profit loss report common date filter and location filter added
  14. Register report footer totals added
  15. SMS and WhatsApp notification were also added to update sale
  16. On disabling the discount shipping button getting the hidden issue fixed on the pos screen
  17. Default payment account issue on edit sell fixed, translation issue of purchase order details modally fixed
  18. Customer name not showing in an invoice for business type contact issue fixed, submit button overlap with scroll to top link issue fixed
  19. Sales order update success message missing issue fixed
  20. Invoice business address missing comma after landmark fixed

V4.5 – Released 11 Sep 2021

  1. NEW: Add expense from the pos screen
  2. FIX: Opening balance logic changes in customer/supplier ledger
  3. FIX: Cash register sale total issue when the date of the previous sale is selected.
  4. FIX: Minimum sell price validation added in add sale (now works same as POS sales)
  5. FIX: Import contact business name when customer fixed.
  6. FIX: 409 error on contact update in some servers fixed
  7. FIX: Payment account debit credit sides swapped
  8. FIX: Convert draft to final exception handling issue fixed
  9. FIX: Datatable action dropdown issue fixed


V4.4 Released (Aug 25, 2021)

  1. 1. [NEW] Payment edit option in edit sale
  2. 2. [NEW] In the product sell report added sales by category and brand
  3. 3. [NEW] In the dashboard replaced the pre-defined date-to-date range picker.
  4. 4. [NEW] Commission calculation types added: 2 types (Invoice value & Payment received). Related changes in Sales representative report and payroll commission calculation changed
  5. 5. [NEW] Option to display commission agent name in invoice layout.
  6. 6. [NEW] Option to change proforma invoice heading in invoice layout
  7. 7. [NEW] Purchase custom fields added
  8. 8. [NEW] Additional expenses fields added to purchase & purchase order
  9. 9. [NEW] Line discount displayed in invoice. Need to enable from Invoice layout.
  10. 10. [NEW] New layout for ledger as per accounting format.
  11. 11. [Improvement] Many new permissions were added & improved in add/edit roles.
  12. 12. [Improvement] Check added to not allow change admin role if one admin is present in a business.
  13. 13. [Improvement] SKU added to stock alert and stock expiry alert on the dashboard
  14. 14. [Improvement] Account book slow loading optimized.
  15. 15. [Improvement] Profit loss report optimized
  16. 16. [Improvement] Account list data table query optimized
  17. 17. [Improvement] Sell details calculation for dashboard and balance sheet optimized
  18. 18. [Improvement] Cashflow loading optimized
  19. 19. [Improvement] Ajax-based contact dropdown implemented on add/edit user form
  20. 20. [Improvement] Contact list filters added
  21. 21. [Improvement] Line taxes added to view sale
  22. 22. [Improvement] Customer supplier report search by business name added
  23. 23. [Improvement]Customer group filter added to product sell report
  24. 24. [Improvement] Item description column added to Items Report
  25. 25. [Improvement] Payment method added to tax report
  26. 26. [Fix]Stock expiry report quantity issue
  27. 27. [Fix] RTL issue in slim2 invoice layout fixed
  28. 28. [Fix] Product expiry-related issue fixed
  29. 29. [Fix] Removed – Purchase order getting added in opening-closing stock
  30. 30. [Fix] decimal point issue at some places fixed
  31. 31. [Fix] expense list print number format
  32. 32. [Fix]Cash register report total calculation
  33. 33. [Fix] Currency symbol issue in ledger pdf
  34. 34. [Fix]Import product opening stock fix


V4.2 Released (May 2, 2021)

  1. 1. NEW: Purchase order feature.
  2. 2. NEW: Sales order feature.
  3. 3. NEW: Search product by custom fields in the POS & Sales screen.
  4. 4. NEW: Separate page for Activity log, only visible to the admin role. (Reports -> Activity Log)
  5. 5. NEW: Cash register denominations feature added.


  1. 6. Improvement: SKU editable in add/edit products
  2. 7. Improvement: Shipping notes and shipping-related activities added to edit the shipping modal
  3. 8. Improvement: Line discount added to invoices
  4. 9. Improvement: Sales representative commission calculation changes. (Remove tax shipping etc from commission)
  5. 10. Improvement: prefix added for year-type invoice scheme
  6. 11. FIX: Customer/Supplier Ledger issue
  7. 12. FIX: Product history not showing purchase return
  8. 13. FIX: Warranty & Expiry date not showing add sales
  9. 14. FIX: double customer name removed from invoices
  10. 15. FIX: multiple permission fixes
  11. 16. FIX: Sell table footer total sell return due


V4.0 Released (March 4, 2021)


  1. 1. Activity log for sell, purchase, shipping, sell return, purchase return, contacts, users, contact, sell transfer, expense, stock adjustment, todo, login, logout, purchase & sales notification, users, contact, sell transfer, expense, stock adjustment, and todo
  2. 2. Internet connection Online/Offline status indicator
  3. 3. Disable ajax call and form submission on offline mode.
  4. 4. Option for proforma invoice
  5. 5. Business name displayed with the contact name in the sale/draft list and reports
  6. 6. Show customer address on sales add/edit
  7. 7. Show supplier address on purchase add/edit
  8. 8. Sell custom fields
  9. 9. Permission to delete direct sell
  10. 10. Document upload option in add sales
  11. 11. Custom fields in Shipping
  12. 12. Upload shipping documents in shipping.
  13. 13. Product brochure upload option in add/edit product.
  14. 14. Number to word format in invoice Indian format option
  15. 15. Pay button added to dashboard sell/purchase payment due table
  16. 16. Permission for commission agent sell and shipment
  17. 17. 4 new custom payments added.
  18. 18. Show the price of products in the tooltip in the POS screen product suggestion.
  19. 19. Option to set default credit limit while adding customer
  20. 20. Selling price group linked to the customer group
  21. 21. Permission to print invoice added


  1. 1. Discount permission.
  2. 2. Edit combo product issue on edit sell,
  3. 3. Update combo product stock issue
  4. 4. Custom label issue for types of service,
  5. 5. Minimum selling price validation issue on the sale form
  6. 6. Edit expense
  7. 7. Profit loss report end date issue
  8. 8. pl report by invoice first-row empty issue fixed
  9. 9. Word break issue on invoice
  10. 10. Account book showing deleted contact pay amount issue
  11. 11. Refresh contact payment on deleting payment implemented
  12. 12. Customer Group filter
  13. 13. Autosend notification error suppressed,
  14. 14. Deleting expense refund fixed
  15. 15. Account link from advance payment removed
  16. 16. Product stock history quantity calculation
  17. 17. Gross profit fixed on profit loss report group by invoice


V3.7 Released (December 21, 2020)

  1. 1. New Big feature: Product History, view details stock history of a product
  2. 2. NEW: Added DateTime picker in Add/edit Sales, expenses, purchases payments
  3. 3. NEW: Added location dropdown in pos, so the location can be changed from pos directly.
  4. 4. NEW: Shipping status filter added to sell list
  5. 5. NEW: Location-based tags added to notification templates
  6. 6. NEW: Time range filter added to product sell report
  7. 7. IMPROVEMENT: Products description on invoice design improved
  8. 8. FIX: Barcode printing fix
  9. 9. FIX: Profit loss report fixes & improvements
  10. 10. FIX: Modifier quantity issue fixed
  11. 11. FIX: Custom label fixes
  12. 13. FIX: Expense not showing as per selected business location on dashboard issue fixed
  13. 14. FIX: Feature product image not showing issue fixed
  14. 15. FIX: Product added on scan issue


V3.6.4 Released (November 23, 2020)

  1. 1. Credit limit issue on editing draft
  2. 2. Pos default payment set to cash.
  3. 3. Sell return permission
  4. 4. Contact payment summary removed from view contact
  5. 5. Default Round off label added.
  6. 6. Custom payment type label issue fixed
  7. 7. Sorting brand and category dropdown alphabetically implemented
  8. 8. Stock transfer list sorting improved
  9. 9. POS screen mobile responsive improvements
  10. 10. Leads issue for CRM Module


V3.6.3 Released (November 13, 2020)

  1. 1. Barcode printing style improvement
  2. 2. Permission issue
  3. 3. Edit combo product price issue
  4. 4. Customer edit credit limit issue
  5. 5. Page leave confirmation issue


V3.6.2 Released (November 6, 2020)

  1. 1. API module compatibility fixes.
  2. 2. Removed required business name when adding a contact.


V3.6.1 Released (November 4, 2020)

  1. 1. NEW: Permission added for View & Close cash register
  2. 2. NEW: New option “For tax group only” added in add/edit tax
  3. 3. NEW: Tax with 0% marked as “Exempt” on classic invoice
  4. 4. NEW: In invoices, the total amount can be displayed in words. Need to enable it from Invoice Layout.
  5. 5. NEW: Print invoice on suspending option added to pos settings
  6. 6. NEW: Added company name in add/edit customer
  7. 7. NEW: Added 6 more custom fields in customer & suppliers
  8. 8. Improvement: Printing of label improvements to make it print much better.
  9. 9. Improvement: Product description design improved in the invoice to make it distinguishable from the product name
  10. 10. Improvement: In invoices, the Packing charge is displayed
  11. 11. Improvement: Search by lot number fixed in the pos screen.
  12. 12. Improvement: Ledger fixes

V3.6 Released (October 19, 2020)

  1. 1. NEW: New invoice layout, Slim2
  2. 2. NEW: In discount adding options to select multiple products.
  3. 3. NEW: Printing of Stock adjustment
  4. 4. NEW: Printing of Stock transfer
  5. 5. NEW: URL for Quotations
  6. 6. NEW: Sending of Quotations notification.
  7. 7. NEW: Added 2 different layouts selection options for POS & Add sales in add/edit business location.
  8. 8. Improvement: Slim invoice design improvement
  9. 9. Improvement: Net profit formula changed
  10. 10. Improvement: Ledger improvements & fixes
  11. 11. Improvement: Sending of SMS improved, added setting for headers in SMS configuration
  12. 12. Improvement: HTTPS improvements
  13. 13. Improvement: Walk-In-customer default credit set to 0
  14. 14. Fix: Import opening stock


V3.5.2 Released (Sep 10, 2020)

  1. 1. FIX: Stock transfer & Stock mismatch
  2. 2. FIX: Product Variations
  3. 3. FIX: Opening balance
  4. 4. FIX: other minors

V3.5.1 (Skipped)

V3.5 Released (August 25, 2020)

  1. 1. NEW: Advance payment to customer & Supplier.
  2. 2. NEW: Custom views, this will make the managing of view files changes easy, you can easily override any view files
  3. 3. NEW: Search with variations SKU of products on the products list
  4. 4. NEW: Serial number for drafts with prefix option.
  5. 5. NEW: Status in Stock transfer
  6. 6. NEW: Edit stock transfer
  7. 7. Improvement: The stock report displays stock by location, a location column is added. Previously it was showing the sum of stock from all locations. With this, it becomes easy to check the stock of a product in a different location
  8. 8. Improvement: Simplified Contact form. Added a More information button which displays many other fields.
  9. 9. Improvement: Expenses can be added for contact(customer/suppliers). The “Expense for contact” field added in add/edit expense 
  10. 10. Improvement: Inbuilt Twilio & Nexmo SMS configuration
  11. 11. Improvement: Kitchen and Orders page improvements
  12. 12. Improvement: Left navigation bar design improvements
  13. 13. FIX: Slim invoice tax
  14. 14. FIX: The view customer sales tab not showing all sales
  15. 15. FIX: Cash register fixes
  16. 16. FIX: Booking permission fixes
  17. 17. New Module: The API module releasing soon, approx date August 31, 2020


V3.4 Released (July 7, 2020)

  1. 1. NEW: Page leave confirmations added to many screens to avoid loss of data
  2. 2. NEW: Invoice scheme dropdown added to pos screen
  3. 3. NEW: Recurring expenses
  4. 4. NEW: Permission to view product stock value-added
  5. 5. IMPROVEMENT: Spaces reduced in invoices
  6. 6. IMPROVEMENT: Contact form improved: Added new field – Title, first name, middle name, last name, address line 1, address line 2, date of birth
  7. 7. IMPROVEMENT: User max discount validation added for fixed type discount
  8. 8. IMPROVEMENT: Recurring invoice issue fixed.
  9. 9. IMPROVEMENT: The tax report improved to give details of input tax, output tax, and expense tax.
  10. 10. IMPROVEMENT: Removed POS screen reset on changing of price group.
  11. 11. FIX: Weighing scale product search issue
  12. 12. FIX: User max discount issue fixed


V3.3 Released (June 9, 2020)

  1. 1. NEW: Get stock value by selling price and purchase price.
  2. 2. NEW: Get potential profit for stock in the stock reports.
  3. 3. NEW: Give the same price to all variance of variable products at once. 
  4. 4. NEW: Date range filter added to cash register report
  5. 5. NEW: Hide price option on a slim invoice added for the gift receipt.
  6. 6. NEW: Option to select invoice layout in the POS screen
  7. 7. NEW: User max sale discount, 
  8. 8. Improvement: Fixed height added to sell list
  9. 9. Improvement: Customer info added to the slim invoice
  10. 10. Improvement: Show the current stock of products on the additional purchase screen
  11. 11. FIX: Category dropdown issue fixed
  12. 12. FIX: Black theme color issues fixed, bg color from module names removed on the side menu
  13. Improvements & stability


V3.2 Released (May 20, 2020)

  1. 1. NEW: Import sales from an excel sheet (beta)
  2. 2. NEW: Featured products in the POS screen for frequently used products.
  3. 3. NEW: Permissions added for Access printers, Access Tables, Access types of service, Acess Package Subscription,
  4. 4. IMPROVEMENT: Due date is removed from the invoice when the invoice is paid.
  5. 5. IMPROVEMENT: Custom field labels can be modified from Settings instead of doing it in the language files.
  6. 6. IMPROVEMENT: Customer custom fields displayed separate lines in detailed invoices design
  7. 7. IMPROVEMENT: Payment details are added in add expense screen.
  8. 8. IMPROVEMENT: Filter by business location in the dashboard, if multiple locations are present
  9. 9. IMPROVEMENT: Date range picker filter in customer/supplier -> sales/purchases
  10. 10. IMPROVEMENT: In Product, Sell Report added a detailed report with purchase line details.
  11. 11. IMPROVEMENT: Added the SKU column to the Product Purchase Report & Sell report
  12. 12. IMPROVEMENT: Added lot number in product sell report if enabled.
  13. 13. IMPROVEMENT: User view page design
  14. 14. IMPROVEMENT: in the dashboard enabled export options for all tables.
  15. 15. IMPROVEMENT: Option to enable or disable login for a user
  16. 16. IMPROVEMENT: Design changes for View Contact, Supplier, and View users to make it look better
  17. 17. IMPROVEMENT: Design changes for suspended invoice modal: added delete button.
  18. 18. IMPROVEMENT: Show a lot number in the product sell report if enabled.
  19. 19. FIX: Profit & loss report shipping charge for the sales issue.
  20. 20. FIX: POS screen payment issue sometimes.
  21. 21. FIX: Stock adjustment deducting from sales
  22. 22. FIX: Total sold issue in the stock report if multiple locations are enabled.
  23. 23. FIX: Credit limit issue in the customer.
  24. 24. FIX: Credit sales issue fixes


V3.1 Released (March 26, 2020)

  1. 1. Improvement: Option to Restore a closed Account.
  2. 2. Improvement: Option to filter products without a Business Location assigned
  3. 3. Improvement: Cash flow report improvement
  4. 4. Improvement: Option to show the balance of the account selected on every Payment Form. Uses the view payment account permission.
  5. 5. Improvement: Option to Inactive/Activate a Price Group
  6. 6. Improvement: Delete suspended sales.
  7. 7. Improvement: Filter transactions with no linked account
  8. 8. Improvement: Activate/Deactivate a customer
  9. 9. Improvement: Account Book description for expenses
  10. 10. Improvement: Attach a document/picture in a Fund Transfer
  11. 11. Improvement: Ledger fixed & design improvements
  12. 12. Improvement: Added 2 new permission: “View own expense” & “View own purchase”
  13. 13. Improvement: Activate/Deactivate customer & suppliers
  14. 14. FIX: Edit pos screen customer changing to walk-in-customer
  15. 15. FIX: Booking undefined error
  16. 16. FIX: Invoice Slim layout fix
  17. 17. FIX: View sales total remaining miscalculation.
  18. 18. FIX: Modifier issue fixed.
  19. 19. FIX: Barcode Issue: Unsupported SKU id for the selected barcode type
  20. 20. FIX: POS screen product suggestions disable option.
  21. 21. FIX: Edit contact credit limit formatting
  22. 22. FIX: Invoice all amount texts indented to the right
  23. 23. FIX: Contact opening balance irregularities on editing contacts.


V3.0 Patch Release (March 6, 2020)


  1. 1. An image on the post screen
  2. 2. POS errors on 0 stock
  3. 3. Warranty & type of service
  4. 4. Invoice URL view button added.
  5. 5. Added document upload type restrictions. 
  6. 6. List contacts


New Release V3.0 (February 27, 2020)

  1. 1. Overall new design in the system.
  2. 2. POS screen design improved
  3. 3. Browser notification added using a pusher.
  4. 4. Label weighing scale integration.
  5. 5. Rounding mechanism added to sell screen.
  6. 6. Customer/Supplier ledger improved, with the option to send ledger as an attachment in email or download as PDF.
  7. 7. View contact improved
  8. 8. View user's page improved
  9. 9. Notification template tags updated with more tags.
  10. 10. CC and BCC added to email notification.
  11. 11. Send email notifications to multiple recipients implemented with comma-separated emails.
  12. 12. Expenses displayed in the home
  13. 13. Profit loss report fixed for disabled stock management products.
  14. 14. Slim invoice layout design improved.
  15. 15. Total quantity added to the invoice
  16. 16. Base selling price added to exported spreadsheet while exporting selling price groups
  17. 17. Date range filter is set to the current financial year in most of places.
  18. 18. Filters added to draft list, quotation list, sell return list, shipments, and purchase return list
  19. 19. Document & note implemented in customer, supplier, the user.
  20. 20. Scroll to the top button added
  21. 21. Added settings to enable/disable “Purchase”, “Add Sale”, ” POS”, “Stock Transfers”, “Stock Adjustment”, and “And expenses”. Go to  Settings -> Business Settings ->  Modules to enable/disable it.
  22. 22. Added document upload type restrictions.
  23. 23. In the Sales screen – added the “Save & Print” button


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